OLE HENRIKSEN, are dedicated to creating products that deliver results, enabling your skin to be the very best it can be. The products are formulated with some of nature’s most effectual botanicals that allow every customer to experience a transformation from head to toe. They believe in being celebratory of life and maintaining a continued commitment to health and wellness.

We got a Beauty Expert Customer Yasmine to review some of the products in the Ole Henriksen Instantly ageless Set  for us, and here is how she got on.

















The African red tea foaming cleanser:

Ole Henriksen Red Tea Facial Cleanser

Ole Henriksen African Red Tea Foaming Cleanser

I loved the fragrance of this cleanser it was very uplifting, zesty and a pleasure to use especially in the morning when I was tired really woke me up. I have combination skin which means I do have some dryness, but this left all my face moisturised with no dry tight feeling.

This has a very light and fresh texture to it, my skin felt so clean without the stripping factor and left my skin super soft and much smoother.

The Red Tea face wash lathers up very well but does not irritate my skin, I really liked the fact that this did not leave a tacky film on my skin but my skin was left moisturised.

I liked the pump dispenser as you get a measured dose and I only needed one pump if I did not have makeup on if I did I just used an extra pump. The wash was very gentle and so easy to remove my makeup no need to use any force, and it was so effective that I did not need to use a separate makeup remover which can be a chore after a long tiring day.

This is such a great speedy cleanser great for the mornings.



Ole Henriksen Truth Serum:

The Truth Serum from Ole Henriksen

Ole Henriksen Truth Serum

This was a great serum it was not overly rich and the lightweight consistency mean’t that I could use this twice daily which I was not expecting.


I generally use serums alone or at night time as I find they can leave my skin tacky. This serum was very moisturising and left my skin very supple, without a heavy feel.

I used a few drops of the serum, and that was sufficient and provided moisture to all my face and didn’t leave me with any dry skin.

The Ole Henriksen Truth Serum really leaves your skin looking brighter and more rejuvenated, it had a youthful glow to it. The fragrance of this is very nice too so was a pleasure to use.





Ole Henriksen Pamper & Peel mask:

The Power Peel from Ole Henriksen

Ole Henriksen Power Peel

I love using face masks but had not come across a face mask which used three products like this.

I have never tried a peel myself at home as I feel they may be too strong or irritate my skin but have them done by a professional occasionally.

I found the routine very easy and it didn’t take a huge amount of time which is great. I found this peel so gentle on my skin, after I had washed it off my skin was not red or too dry, but felt very soft and smoother.

My skin looked more even toned and my pores were so reduced in just one application which is a miracle. Due to hormonal changes monthly I do suffer from breakouts at this time but using this I noticed that the spots were not as inflamed.

A great mask highly recommend this.


– Guest post by Yasmine


Writer and expert