Ok, let’s cut to the chase…are your feet ready for flip-flops? It might seem a while off yet before you can expose your toes to the elements, but newly released feet can be a bit of a shock! It’s fine all during winter when furry boots and socks keep you cosy, but come a warm spring day when you’re ready for the reveal, be prepared! Tweezerman Sole Mates Foot File and Smoother might not be the world’s most glamorous beauty treat but it will have your feet looking prepped and pretty in no time. Whisking away thickened and dead skin or calluses with a micro file (don’t worry, there’s a mess-free container included) and buffing up with the finishing file will remove all traces of winter. Finish with an intense moisturiser at night with socks popped over the top and next morning, it’s a whole other story! Don’t forget the detail – whip off any toe hair with a waxing strip, ensure your toe nails are cut and filed, and gently push back cuticles for a clean finish. The fun part is choosing some gorgeous new nail polishes – look out for reds, oranges and wow-yellow shades that are perfect for adding nail art gems on top for a really glamorous look.

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