When I feel like treating myself, I almost always opt for a posh handwash. There’s something just so lovely about turning the mundane into the luxurious. Our new range of Apothia hand and body washes fit the bill so perfectly, I can see I’ll be lining the lot up in the bathroom before the week is out. They’re far more moisturising than regular soap and when you’re immersing your hands in water several times a day, this is a factor that really does count. But, I guess its the fragrances that have me truly hooked – I’m in love with Casa – a blend of lilies and cut grass that makes you put your hands to your face and just inhale the fresh scent. I’d love to see some washing up liquid properly fragranced because that’s an area just waiting for a make over. Lemons and tea tree? No thanks…I’d like there to be something decadent about dishes!apothia-casa-hand-and-body-wash-300ml-imgaobs7

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