Today I’ve been at Olympia in London at a beauty show where brands show their line up of goods – it was also open to the public, so there were hundreds of beauty college girls snapping up bargains at the nail varnish counters. Despite there being row upon row of stands, I managed to get round them all on the hunt for new brands to bring to Suzi, our buyer, mainly does the ‘spotting’ for brands we think you’ll love, and new finds can come from shows like the one today or things we simply spot when we’re out and about. Beauty shows are really something: spray tans on bikini-clad models, extreme nail art, tooth diamonds, piercings, hair extensions and any-way-you-want-it beauty creams – it’s hard to take it all in. But, they’re great fun, enthusiastic, colourful, lively and buzzing, and the myriad of companies showing their wares proves that the beauty trade is alive and well.

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