Looking for a haircare range that won’t irritate your sensitive scalp and skin? We’ve got just the collection for you. The eco-friendly O’right range has landed at Beauty Expert, and we couldn’t be more thrilled. We were that excited, in fact, that we decided to give one of the girls in the office a whirl at the all naturale products – here’s what she had to say.


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“If you suffer from eczema and ridiculously sensitive, dry skin – you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about. Those days where you’re whole body feels like a walking dandruff flake and you feel like you need to be wrapped up in a bubble, just to be protected from all the nasty, harsh chemicals found in products – and yes, you’ve even got to watch out for those ones that say ‘all natural’, when we all know they’re really not.

Well, I’ve got to say ladies, I think I’ve cracked it with O’right.

I’ve never suffered from a sensitive scalp, but about three weeks ago, I started developing dry skin around my neck and shoulders, that soon turned into pesky, rough eczema patches. Sounds delightful, I know. I soon realised that it must be something to do with the products that I’m putting on my hair, as the shampoo and conditioner obviously trickle down my neck and back when I’m in the shower. So, when I got asked to review the Golden Rose O’right range at Beauty Expert, I literally jumped at the chance.

First of all, my eczema around my neck and back has virtually disappeared. Because the shampoo is so natural and free from eight harsh chemicals found in most haircare products, it hasn’t irritated my skin – bonus! It’s also, more importantly and more relevant to it’s purpose, had my hair glowing. I’ve got mid-long length, blonde hair that’s in dire need of a revamp of highlights and a root touch-up (I kinda’ like it, though? Let me know your thoughts below!), so when I got to try out this range I thought, ‘well, I could save a few pennies for a few more weeks!’ And that’s exactly how I feel. My hair has brightened and feels much more manageable.


Now, the O’right Golden Rose Color Care Conditioner is a winner in my eyes. It smells amazing and my hair feels incredibly soft after use. I noticed that the consistency of the conditioner isn’t as thick and gloopy as most – it glided onto my parched ends like a dream, and still thoroughly conditioned and detangled my hair, despite being really lightweight. My hair also tends to feel slightly greasy after I’ve used conditioner, even when I’ve got nowhere near my roots, but after blow-drying, all I can say is there wasn’t a oily slick of hair in sight!

Considering I do, now and again, suffer from greasy locks, I was a little hesitant to try the Golden Rose Oil – but I’m glad I did. After shampooing and conditioning my hair, I towel-dried it and applied a pea-sized amount it into my ends. Containing the gorgeous golden rose essential oil and water soluble silicone, it repairs the cuticles and restores strength. I’ve really noticed a difference, and my hair doesn’t feel like a greaseball afterwards.

Something that’s really impressed me about the range, though, is the packaging. It’s biodegradable, recyclable – and the the shampoo comes with seeds in the bottom of the bottle, which you can plant and watch grow into a tree over time. It’s a great way of keeping our hair healthy, looking and feeling gorgeous – and doing our bit for the planet at the same time.

So if you suffer from sensitive skin – especially on your hands and your neck and back area, give the O’right range a try. I’ve noticed an incredible difference not only in my hair, but in my skin because of this and I am truly impressed by this product.”

Are you going to try any of the O’right range? Don’t forget, you can shop the full O’right collection here at Beauty Expert!

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