Hands are one of the casualties of Christmas – if it’s not wrestling open super-securely wrapped parcels for all-thumbs three year olds, it’s extreme washing up that’s more of an endurance test than a quick ‘clear up’. Funny how everyone else starts nodding off just as the taps go on! In reality, of course, it’s winter that is likely to leave your hands and nails in less that perfect condition – dry cuticles and weakened nails are the result of having chapped or dehydrated hands, and its only a regular application of a good hand cream and a nail oil (and wearing gloves) that will sort things out. I’ve spotted this gorgeous little pamper pack from OPI on the virtual shelves of our Christmas store – aptly named ‘Give The Holidays A Hand’. It’s a great gift for girlfriends who take pride in their precision manicures as well as something I might just have to pop in my own stocking!

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