British women are notoriously shy when it comes to wearing traffic-stopping red lipstick, but in other countries, the redder the better! Ok, it does help to have a smattering of tan or a darker skintone to really rock a red, but I love crimson against pale skin – it looks so striking and confident. Apparantly, sales of red lipsticks have soared in recent months; some say it’s a backlash against the recession, others think it’s because we’re in the mood to be bold, but whatever the reason, a ravishing red is a must in any make up bag. The only rules for wearing red lipstick is to ensure your lips are in good condition, no flakies or cracks, and that you wear it with pride. Long black lashes, a smudge of neutral blush and sleek, shiny hair are all the accompaniment that’s needed to revel in red.

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