Okay, so I know there is an onslaught of social drinking coming up – and I’m such a lightweight drinker that I’m super fussy about what I’ll have because I know it won’t be much! Recently, I tried a – wait for it – Baileys & Pineapple cocktail! Should have been disgusting, but it was gorgeous! I couldn’t drink a whole one though – a bit like eating a whole family bar of chocolate on your own, but what I had, I loved! With this in mind, I’ve been trying to pre-empt the essential detox by incorporating it into my beauty routine. As well as drinking lots of water, I’ve also found the Ole Henriksen De-Tox Tea Tree Soak, to boost any natural detoxing processes. It’s a real wake up for sluggish systems as well as leaving the skin feeling ultra-clean and my frazzled brain a little bit calmer – perfect for a luxurious morning bath or post run wind-down.

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