Blue Plasma from Perricone MD with a splash of water covering the bottle.

Blue Plasma from Perricone MD


Blue Plasma is the latest innovative skincare product from Perricone MD.

Gentle yet powerful, Perricone MD Blue Plasma banishes dead skin cells just like a traditional peel, without leaving your skin prone to redness and irritation. The triple action formula works to peel, purify and hydrate your skin, leaving you with a brighter and more youthful looking complexion.

Sure to give fantastic results, the formula is suitable for even the most sensitive skin, whilst 80% of women reported immediate results after use, saying that their skin was more radiant, luminous and translucent.

The triple action formula:

  • Bio-Specific Technology: Removes dead and aged skin cells whilst preserving healthy ones, as well as accelerating celular renewal.
  • Micro-Purifies-L-Cartinine promotes purification and extraction, removing skin-slogging debris from your pores.
  • Hydra-Fuses the skin with enhanced, nutrient-rich water to smooth, soothe and hydrate your complexion.

For best results: Apply daily, either morning or night after cleansing.

 – Laura

Writer and expert