I’ve got to say that this range is my No1 recommendation for spot prone skin – I once bought some for a young friend who inexplicably had developed ‘bacne’ across her shoulders and back – the kit made a remarkable difference. The range promises a reduction in 30 days and it certainly delivered on the promise. The kit contains a four pronged attack on spots and acne prone skin – Step 1. Clarifying Cleanser to massage over dampened face and neck (or back). Step 2. Exfoliating Blemish Gel to unblock pores and slough away dead skin. Step 3. Blemish Target Formula is for individual blemishes and contains Sulphur, Oat Kernel Extract, Salicylic Acid & Grape Seed Extract. Step 4. Skin Perfection Lotion helps to perfect the complexion with no drying.

The Murad range actually helps to heal and reduce the inflammation of spots and prevents pores from clogging (which then leads to more spots!). It’s ideal for teenagers whose skin is less than reliable, but equally good for that mid-life acne that can pop up and take us by surprise.

Writer and expert