After a week on the sunny shores of Northern Italy, I can truly say the one thing I really did miss from home was my hair straighteners. There’s something about sea air and baking sun that does unimaginable horrors to my hair which is naturally curly. Thanks to a relentless combination of hot sun and salty sea water, I had to spend the majority of the time with my hair scrunched up in a pony tail, and only released it briefly to blow dry it. The effects of a blow dry lasted only about an hour before it all started to randomly curl again. I wouldn’t mind if it was uniformly curly, but the moist air meant it was more frizz than luscious coils! Anyway, on my return I was happy to see that we’ve got the newest GHD Limited Edition Pink Stylers in stock – just what I need to erase the holiday hair memories – but alas, the photos will linger…..

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