coeur-de-fleur-candle-175g-imgmhca1I’m a fragranced candle addict; I love almost all scented candles (other than foodie smells, such as vanilla) and my search for the perfect spring candle is complete! I found it far closer to home than I expected, too, here on Having sampled such exotic fragrances as The Moon, from a French company who used NASA soil samples from the moon to replicate what it would actually smell like there – minus, thankfully, the sulphur! – through to simple one note bluebell tones – I’ve settled upon Miller Harris Coeur de Fleur Candle. It’s a scent that is bursting with floral notes; the tipping point almost between spring and summer. Heady iris accents are whipped into a fresher mix by middle notes of jasmine, sweetpea and mimosa. Once this blend diffuses into a room the fragrance drops down to the prettiest possible ambience and immediately brings a summer garden indoors. Bliss!

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