The temperatures are really hitting the heights this weekend, and much as I don’t want to sound like a complainer – whew, it’s hot! We seem to spend all winter waiting for days like these and then when they arrive, we wilt. So, if you’re warmer than you want to be, check out my tips for cooling down.

1. Start your day with a cool or tepid shower;
2. Wear lightweight clothes in a breathable material, such as cotton;
3. Run your wrists under cold water; it was thought that this ‘cooled the blood’ as you have veins there, and while I’m sure that isn’t medically factual, just washing your hands and arms in cold water seems to cool the whole body;
4. Ice in EVERYTHING, including the dog bowl to keep your pets cool;
5. Go to bed with damp hair – you will look a fright in the morning, but it does help you to stay chilled as you drift off to sleep, especially if you have a fan in your bedroom.
6. If you wake in the night, a beauty spray, such as Caudalie’s Refreshing Grape Water, is handy to have at your side to instantly take the heat out of your face and let you drift back off to sleep.

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