Ask any make-up artist about their tool kit and they’ll tell you that their brushes are more precious than anything. Professional artists use their brushes every single day so to buy cheap and cheerful ones in is a false investment for them – they need power players that last and last. For us regular users, longevity isn’t quite so important but day to day use means that it is vital they are soft and easy to use. I love Becca’s Kabuki Brush for applying mineral powder on the face, but I also use it to add blush in a very compact, defined way. Because the hairs are all so closely packed it’s ideal for keeping blush powder in exactly the place you want it. Blusher brushes can be a bit random, I find, and I end up with blusher alllll over my cheeks when really I just wanted a dab of it on the apples. This Kabuki is also perfect for ‘buffing’ in mineral powder foundations so your skin looks flawless and because it doubles as a blush brush, at £34, it seems quite reasonable.

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