Hands up if your feet get a little bit neglected during the winter months? I’m certainly guilty of letting things go a little knowing that my feet are firmly ensconced in thick socks and furry boots. But, it only takes a little tlc for your hibernating tootsies to emerge from winter looking soft and lovely. Although it isn’t glamorous, it is no surprise that Athelete’s foot is more prevalent during winter – all it needs to thrive is a hot and moist environment and we provide that by the bucket-load just trying to stay warm. Try to ensure your feet get a chance to breathe by wearing cotton socks and going barefoot (indoors!) from time to time. And if you can possibly bear to, ditch the bedsocks! After bathing, dry your feet really thoroughly – especially between the toes, and slather on some foot moisturiser like this new one from Caudalie that will infuse any dry skin with moisture and keep your feet beautifully soft. Although spring seems a long way off, a little bit of care over the winter means that your feet will be beautiful and at the ready for some gorgeous sandals.

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