When Gatineau withdrew their Melatogenine Tan Accelerator, I nearly had fit as it is one of my all time favourite products. It went out of production so they could make an even better one, but the gap on the Gatineau page on BeautyExpert where it used to live was like a torture! So, I could not be more delighted that, as promised, it is back, in shiny new packaging and all new and improved. So, what’s so great about this product? If you like to tan, as I do (moderately), you use it a couple of weeks before going away into the sun and it gets your natural self-protection, melanin, all ready to receive the sun. How that translates to your skin is a tan that appears much more quickly and more evenly than if you didn’t use it. It is also beautifully skin smoothing and moisturising so it is a win-win all the way. Please bear in mind though that it isn’t sun protection as such and you will still need to use your regular SPF responsibly.

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