If Wimbledon has got you suddenly in the mood for exercise, don’t rush! We’re all for exercise here at Beauty Expert, and there’s nothing like a spot of sunshine and tennis watching for making you feel in the mood to get sport, but it is crucial that you start gently and do plenty of warm up – and down – exercises before and after to prevent injury. Your muscles need some gentle stretching before they are put through their paces. Always stretch in a slow movement and only ever stretch to the point of tension – never beyond. Hold each stretch – for arms and legs – for about fifteen to twenty seconds each and repeat ten to fifteen times. Once you’ve conquered the court, ensure you do some down-time stretching to slowly return your heart rate to a usual resting level. Now, there can never be a reason NOT to indulge in some Aromatherapy Associates Bath Oil, but AA De-Stress Muscle Bath & Shower really will take any tension out of strains and stresses. Lavender, Rosemary, Ginger and Black Pepper sort out tired muscles to refresh and relax. After you’ve followed all these pointers, Beauty Expert has one final recommendation: a large bowl of ripe, sweet strawberries and a heavy dollop of cream!

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