Thanks to the fabulous Shereen who runs the Beauty Expert Marketing department, there are 10 free samples of skincare up for grabs when you spend over £30 on the site. It’s not often that you have the chance to try 10 different skincare lines for free, and I’m baffled sometimes at the reluctance of beauty brands to give customers the chance to experience their skincare before investing in what is a major purchase. Department stores are notoriously mean with samples, often not coming up with any until you’ve actually made a purchase. I wonder why women are expected to spend a huge amount of money on beauty creams without actually trying it properly first? It doesn’t happen in fashion….you’d never expect to buy a dress or top without seeing if it suits you …or image not being allowed to slip on a pair of shoes before purchasing them to see if they actually fit! With more beauty brands paving the way with samples as standard, hopefully this will mean a more loyal and rewarding relationship with the brand that you’ve chosen through an educated choice, and not just put down to luck.

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