I’ve been waiting for the fabulous Institut Esthederm Sun Care to land at BeautyExpert for what feels like an age. I was converted to this brand a couple of years ago when it first made an appearance in the UK and have raved about it ever since. It’s a slightly odd concept for those of us used to the regular SPF rating system of sun care, as it doesn’t specify any ratings, and yet it does protect against the sun’s rays. Institut Esthederm ‘trains’ the skin to protect itself in the sun by boosting melanin production and strengthening skin’s defences. At the same time, the lotion blocks UVA and UVB. The result of this is skin that doesn’t look like it’s been totally toasted, but will go a stronger, deeper brown. Used ahead of sun exposure, it will ensure you are prepared before you even hit the rays. IS use a star rating as an indicator of which lotion to use as a guide. The fluidity and easy of application, combined with a stellar tan that didn’t wrinkle my skin means I never use anything else on holiday.

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