As someone who adores facial masks and leaps on every new one that comes on the market, I do have old faithfuls that I return to time after time and would never want to be without. One of those is Elemis Papaya Enzyme Peel Mask that does what we are all looking for in a mask – makes a visible difference! It leaves dehydrated skin glowy and soft – not only feeling soft, but looking a little bit soft focus too. With papaya and pineapple enzymes at the core of the product, the mask uses these natural extracts to lift surface grime and banish dead cells….so it’s a great one for when you feel your skin is just ‘meh’ or if you need a quick glow fix. We get lots of questions here at BeautyExpert from women wanting to just give their skin a boost – Papaya Enzyme Peel does just that.

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