Face masks always seem like a proper beauty treat; a kind of indulgence that you associate with a therapist facial and excellent for making you feel really pampered. But, these intensive treatments are a legitimate boost to your skin care routine. Not only do you feel ‘allowed’ to lie down and let the mask do it’s work, which is such a perfect way to relax, but the formulations are designed to ensure that your skin also looks rested and happy. I like Decleor’s Experience De L’Age containing essential oils that penetrate the skin in a highly potent way to smooth out wrinkles and give skin a firmer, more radiant look. It has a triple-action effect that also gives a slight peeling effect to get old and dull cells out of the way of new, healthy ones emerging. In a fresh and lightweight texture, and using anti-ageing iris at the core, my skin always looks renewed and revitalized after using it. It’s pampering with a purpose – and a pay-off.

Writer and expert