Okay, the word nobody wants to hear but everyone knows they have to do in January – Detox! Traditionally, January is Detox time – maybe it’s to do with new year resolutions or maybe it really is as a result of over-indulgence over Christmas, but there’s nothing wrong with giving your system a bit of attention at any time of year. I always think Detox time should be in November to get your body ready for the onslaught! So, I’m liking this little Slimming Kit set from Fushi that works in tandem with a diet to break down and remove cholesterol and saturated fats in the body. Because the ingredients help to balance sugar levels, the tablets help to reduce cravings – and that’s half the battle won. Additionally using Spirulina, you’ll also get a nutrient boost with colon and blood cleansing benefits. Anything that helps to motiviate when it comes to dieting is a bonus, and with the Fushi set you should find your energy levels increase, making it easier to tackle those brisk walks that get the heart-rate up and calorie burning started.

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