Even now, I am plotting a weekend of on-line shopping with a mince pie (and cream) by my side. There’s something so irrisistible about Christmas food; canapes, the aforementioned mince pies, chocolate brazils etc that it’s nigh on impossible to hold on to any diet principles around this time. So, while I’m indulging happily, I know I can ditch the guilt a little bit because I’m also on my annual Nude Detox supplement. Ginger root and liqourice extracts gently aid detoxfication and support the liver function to leave skin looking radiant and my digestive system in tip top condition. I’m sure you aren’t supposed to complicate things with slices of Stollen, but it hasn’t seemed to disrupt any detoxing thus far! It’s a ten day course and I think it’s the perfect way to prepare both skin and body for the onslaught of tasty temptations.

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