It’s nearly London Marathon time again and watching people en masse running for all kinds of reasons, whether it’s for personal achievement or for charity, always puts me in the mood for exercise. I think, if they can do it, so can I. But, getting off the sofa to actually do that jog is easier said than done. I’ve taken a tip from a male friend who loves running but uses the carrot and stick method when he can’t quite get the motiviation to put those trainers on. He uses Molton Brown Bracing Silverbirch Thermal Muscle Soak as the ‘carrot’ so after a burst of running he has a soak in thermal salts with a kick of linden and birch to flush out toxins and soothe the muscles. It’s got a gentle woody fragrance that is pretty unisex: it’s just a clean, fresh smell that eases away tensions. Oh, and he has a beer – but I might swap that for a glass of Prosecco!

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