If you haven’t discovered the genius of Clarisonic yet, spring is great time to start finding out just how clean your skin can really get. I’ve had a Clarisonic for over a year now and use it at least three or four times a week whenever I feel my skin needs an extra cleanse. It has a gentle brush that moves back and forth 300 times per second to buff away any grime or oiliness. I’ve used it with cleansing balms, rinse off cleansers and even a cream cleanser (although that’s not officially recommended) and it genuinely leaves skin looking noticably brighter. There is evidence to suggest that using such a cleansing system can also help your products to work more effectively. On a personal level, I don’t get any dry patches anymore as it has an exfoliating effect and my skin always feels soft and glowy afterwards, and again, although it isn’t officially recommended, I’ve used it on my lips too to exfoliate them and leave them soft and much smoother.

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