Beauty journalist, Alice Hart Davis, has written a fantastic article in the Daily Mail today ( warning women to take care when considering injectable boob jobs. She trialled a new technique using Macrolane (a reputable synthetic substance often used for facial line filling) hailed as a ‘non-surgical’ breast enhancement. What followed for Alice was a catalogue of lumps, bumps, uneven tissue and hard spots; even as an experienced journalist, she’d neglected to read the small print that said the ‘use of Macrolane for breast enhancement had not been established’. This means that although a trial of 1100 women established that there were no long lasting side effects, there were no longer term follow ups. All this leads to the murky waters of how injectables are classified and licensed. It’s estimated that over 2000 women have already opted for this treatment, and while we are by no means against enhancements here at BeautyExpert, we’re reaching for the Rodial Boob Job lotion first!

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