lemonstand-by-your-man-15ml-imgopinl31Bright yellow nails are splashed all over the fashion and beauty pages at the moment, but if you aren’t a supermodel or avant guard fashionista, could you and should you work the look? Well, we feel the answer is probably not if your nails are short and if yellow is a colour that is totally at odds with the rest of your wardrobe. But, we’ve all got a wild side and there’s nothing wrong with beautiful brights; nails are the perfect place to experiment (let’s not think about how a yellow lipstick might look!) with colours you might not normally bring out in other aspects of your life. We’ve got two colours in the yellow spectrum from OPI that don’t have a scary acid edge; they’re warmer and more wearable with golden notes: Curry Up Don’t Be Late, and Lemonstand By Your Man. We think these more muted shades are still keying into the current trend, but hopefully won’t frighten the horses!

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