Ever wondered why the skin round your eyes looks worse in winter? It’s probably because you’ve spent all summer squinting in the light without even noticing it. There is no doubt that this natural way to protect your eyes leads to creases you didn’t have before summer started! There’s been a huge rush for Eve Lom’s Eye Lift – and little wonder. This is a power-packed product that takes a triple pronged approach to reducing wrinkles around the eyes. Retinol microspheres lift and firm, Soy Isoflavones tackle everything from the deepest wrinkles to fine lines and Vitamin C evens out and brightens the skin around the area. As if that’s not enough, a dash of beauty’s best friend, Hyaluronic acid, provides hydration that lasts all day. With the onset of colder weather, which will only exacerbate things, it’s a good time to start treating your eyes to some winter wonder!

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