According to reports, sales of hair dye – red and blonde in particular – have gone through the roof recently. It could be the Lady GaGa effect that’s brought extreme blonde into the spotlight, or even glamorous Scarlet Johannson’s recent switch to red that are to answer, but if you’ve joined in the colour-swapping extravaganza you’ll need to keep your locks ultra-hydrated. Shiny hair, dyed or natural, looks so beautiful and elegant on any woman and anything that helps keep it that way is worth its weight in gold. We love Phillip Kingsley’s Remoisturising range, and Alterna’s Caviar Seasilk Shampoo for helping to add gloss and make your colour last longer. Blondes will love Alterna’s Anti-ageing Blonde Shampoo that brings out blonde tones beautifully while banishing any hint of brassiness.

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