If you’re new to Bliss as a range, I’ve been wracking my brains to recommend an entry point to the brand which will give a good representation of what it all stands for as well as being something to tackle an immediate issue. One of the products that I love – and it is very relevant for summer skin – is Bliss Steep Clean Mattifying Moisturiser that gives oil control and beautiful moisturising properties at the same time. Neat trick. Except with Bliss there is no trickery behind the fun names; it’s all solid, good problem-solution skin care with some excellent pampering items, too. Steep Clean is packed with anti-oxidants and smooths out skin texture as well as giving a boost of no-shine hydration. As summer tends to send oil glands into overdrive, it’s a great one if your skin gets more oily in summer like most people, or if your skin is only oily in summer. A recommendation that I’m completely confident in for Bliss pampering is Blood Orange and White Pepper Body Scrub that smells divinely fruity and sloughs away any roughness so you look fabulously smooth and perfected in your bikini. Use it a couple of times a week and follow on with a body moisturiser to watch your skin shed away that undercover look and start to look velvety and glowing.

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