With so many beauty tips around it’s hard to know which ones to put your faith in on the all-important wedding day! When it comes to your wedding look, no chances can be taken to achieve that glowing skin and flawless complexion in time for the big day. We know you’ve trialled your wedding day make up in the run up to the big day, but we could all do with some last minute beauty tips to put our minds at ease, couldn’t we?

For the ’Something Borrowed’ edition of our #BETHEBRIDE series at Beauty Expert, we’re sharing some tried and tested beauty tips we’ve ‘borrowed’ from some of our favourite Twitter beauties! From taming those brows, to keeping oily skin at bay, check out these fabulous suggestions below:

Beauty Tips for your Wedding Day

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Hannah @hannatalks  “love using clear mascara to perk my lashes up and keep my brows in place throughout the day!”

‏Charl @misscharl ‘’apply a dusting of face powder underneath your foundation to help it last longer! It will absorb any moisture on the skin!’’

Lea @xShugx ‘’white eyeliner instead of black on bottom water line to make your eyes wider and pop x’’

Sera ‏@Sera_Emily ‘’pat black Eyeshadow over liner to keep in place longer. Use a lengthening mascara and curling mascara for false lash effect.’’

Molly ‏@molly_lyon ‘’bronzer makes a good eyeshadow! Or just through the crease to tie the whole look together. Highlighter works on the lid too!’’

Helen ‏@thelovecatsinc ‘’powder under your foundation to keep oily skin at bay! also black eyeliner over the top of your eyelashes if they’re light:)’’

Amy ‏@littleboatsails ‘’I have a very simple one! Pop a bit of black eye shadow onto your liner in order to help prolong it’’

Danniella ‏@_famousinjapan ‘’don’t swirl your powder on your face or you will disturb your base. Instead pat on the powder to ensure it lasts all day :)’’

Jenny ‏@caramelandcats “lip and cheek tints are double duty”


I’m sure we can all agree that these borrowed beauty tips are perfect for helping to make your wedding day even more beautiful than it’s already set to be.  If you have your own beauty tip to share, don’t forget to head over to @BeautyExpertCom on Twitter to tell us all about it, using the hashtag #BETHEBRIDE

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