We’re all loving our newest make up range, Becca, formulated by a former make up artist, whose quest for the perfect complexion led her to make her own. The range has a huge celebrity following; Kate Winslet, Thandie Newton, Sienna Miller and Kylie, to name but a famous few. The genius of Becca is that everything is sheer so making glaring errors is actually very difficult. I love the Creme Blush for a little pop of colour on the cheek apples that looks completely natural and it is so easy to use. I also keep Shimmering Skin Perfector as a staple in my make up bag to add to tinted moisturiser or foundation when I want a little extra sheen and glow. Although I’m very bad at what make up artists refer to as ‘highlighting’ and never quite sure whether I look ‘lit’ or just horribly shiny, I find that Shimmering Skin Perfector luckily requires no artistic skills at all and always looks just right. The ultimate foolproof beauty find? Probably!

Writer and expert