What’s not to love about lip balm? A complete necessity in winter, beauty-ful balms tick all the boxes for gifting. If you’re stuck for stocking fillers or last minute presents, posh lip balm is a great ‘suit-all’ gift – for men, women, teens and kids. I always make sure I give the flavoured balms to the girls and the non-flavoured to the boys – why don’t boys like vanilla?! Kiehls Lip Balm is unisex enough to be the perfect pocket present for anyone (and yes, there are flavoured and non-flavoured version!) and I always keep a couple back for any ‘surprise’ gifters…you know, the annoying ones that suddenly present you with a gift when they’ve never, ever done so before, leaving you madly searching your brain for what you might have stacked away in the back of a cupboard that will make you look as though you were going to reciprocate the gift all along! I keep a couple wrapped, and if anybody ‘surprises’ me with an out of date panetone, they get a balm….if they don’t…I get a balm. See, it’s a win-win!

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