During winter-time, its all too easy to forget to show your feet the love! But, winter creates dryness and when feet are in and out of boots or snuggly socks they can end up looking pretty ropey and also feeling cracked and uncomfortable. We never neglect our hands this way, so if you are a regular handcream user you can multi-task your product and use it on your feet, too. We love Aesop Ressurection Aromatique Balm that will double up as a foot treat. If you feel your feet need an intensive hydrating boost, slather on Aromatique Balm, pop on a pair of socks and keep them on all night. The next morning your feet will feel – and look – renewed! So, when you moisturise your hands, don’t forget about your toes! Come summer, you’ll be more than thankful!

Writer and expert