Stress: I don’t know anyone who hasn’t got some kind of stress in their lives, and despite all the warnings about how damaging it can be to our health, it’s actually pretty hard to shake off. I walk my dogs for an hour every day, come rain or shine (dogs don’t care if it’s raining!), which just gives me that little bit of thinking space before I start work. I also make the time to spend half an hour steeping in an aromatherapy oil bath (Aromatherapy Associates Deep Relax, currently) at some stage during the evening. These two little rituals have come to be more and more important and I genuinely look forward to the opposing ends of the me-time spectrum they represent. Even if you know, deep down, a bath won’t change your world, you can at least shut the door on it for a brief time. And, in itself that can be extraordinarily restoring.

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