Scented candles are my ‘thing’. I love them for brightening every mood and making my home smell gorgeous and welcoming. If I’m down, I light a candle; if I’m up, I light a candle! I have many, many favourites – one that can only be bought in Paris, so I save it for ultra-special occasions and ration every flame flicker, another that is said to be a replication of what the moon might actually smell like (with all the sulphour notes taken out, thankfully) with notes used from NASA samples, and another that smells like wet, mossy walls. These new Decleor candles tick the boxes for me for evoking all the calming scents of a spa – they’re aromatherapy led – but none of the too-big towelling robe reality! They’re gorgeous; soothing, calming and the ultimate inspiration to pick up a book or Sunday supplement and just simply chill out for an hour or two.

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