In the week that Gordon Ramsey admits to having hyaluronic fillers in his chin to smooth out those crinkles, and Amy Winehouse shows off her new boobs, it just goes to show that fame and fortune don’t buy confidence. And, we have to admit that Gordon’s chin looks far less, er, trampled than it used to. But if you’re not ready to opt for that route to stave off the wrinkles, a very simple tip is keep skin really well moisturised. Skin that is full of hydration doesn’t show lines in the same way that dry skin does; plumped skin means naturally plumped out wrinkles that are far less dense and obvious. Even if you just drink water rather than change your skincare routine, you’ll soon see the difference. A good, hydrating mask can also do wonders as a weekly boost: I’m loving Nude Miracle Mask that gives an instant boost for brighter looking skin and leaves it feeling ultra-soft and supple.

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